Conferences - Loss packets with 3 participants outside the LAN (Nat is configured)

Hello everybody,
I have installed my own jitsi in a server with 8GB RAM and intel xeon 6 core, and is running on Nginx.
I updated yesterday to latest stable version and reboot the server, and after the services prosody, videobridge2 and jicofo.
Inside the LAN, 3 way call works OK, but outside of the LAN, the 3 way calls fails. I mean, we connect to conference, but the communication is interrupted several times, there are loss of packages, and we can not communicate well.
In P2P works OK always, inside or outside of LAN.

I forwarding TCP:443,4443 and UDP:10000 to local server for NAT, but not port 80.
In the server thats ports are opened

This is the chrome://webrtc-internals/ whith 3 participants
a=candidate:1 1 udp 2130706431 10000 typ host generation 0
a=candidate:2 1 udp 1694498815 190.111.2XX.X3X 10000 typ srflx raddr rport 10000 generation 0

this is the /jitsi/videobridge/$

the TCP_HARVESTER_PORT was a test, but i have the same results

Could you help me please?

I solved it by installing the turn server and redirecting the video traffic from nginx to the turn server