conferenceMapper API


If I try to add the below code it breaks my videobridge.

If I comment out conferenceMapper API it works. Can someone advise why this breaks the video bridge. I get the page but it does not allow me to do anything the welcome page stops loading.

// To enable sending statistics to you must provide the
// Application ID and Secret.
// callStatsID: ‘’,
// callStatsSecret: ‘’,
// Call In Numbers and Codes
dialInConfCodeUrl: ‘’,
// Don’t change dialInConfCodeURL, it is the one that points at Jitsi’s
conferenceMapper API
// enables callstatsUsername to be reported as statsId and used
// by callstats as repoted remote id
// enableStatsID: false

It turns out that is just a carried over line so you do not need that command.

Now to figure out how to insert the conferences into the public conference mapper

As long as you have dialInConfCodeUrl: ‘’ in your config.js, conferences will be sent to their API upon creation. If that’s not happening, use Wireshark or check firewall logs to find out why.

You could also self-host the API , but I recommend working out issues with the public API first as that should be pretty basic.