Conference Timer Issue

I have self hosted Jitsi server secondly I modified the source code as per user requirements.
Going well but I am facing problem in conference Timer as soon as I start the meeting the conference timer always starts from 14.15.
If I change the server url and connect my ios app with jitsi server so Timer works as expected.

I have attached the image I captured as soon as I joined the meeting.
Please guys help me out what is the issue.

Is your server time correctly set?

You are right I set the server time now when I run the app so timer stuck on 00;00:00 .

So that fixed the start time. Since you made heavy changes to the UI I cannot know if you broke the timer though :-/


I have figured out the issue and the problem was the TimeZone with server, Once I set the TimeZone with Synchronised Time to true Conference Timers starts working as expected.