Conference suddenly interrupted - kicks everyone out - in -out

using simple, and most of the time very happy and grateful.
Today now since about 2,5 hrs - kicks everyone out and in and out…
What happened? Update Problem?
Any Idea when it will be stabil again?

Hi Suzie,

What do you mean by “kick out”? Is it dropping people to the home screen?

Is this happening to the same conference or is it happening generally with different conference names?


they are dropping out, and instantly coming in again… it’s like the “bridge” is disturbed… in the same conference… in and out… has worked before for 2 weeks perfectly… today we had to change then to another software… what a shame… hope it works for tomorrow again

give the region from where you are connecting (it’s in connection details, ‘connected to’, there is a server name)

also, what browser are you using?

this may be related and if so it may be a Chrome webrtc issue: Room crashes when connecting 3 participants · Issue #11043 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

I’m using this in austria

and I’m using google chrome, but some of my students use edge

worked before absolutely proberly - yesterday - suddenly the problem with kicking out - coming in - kind of losing “connection” and re-connecting

Can you reproduce the problem with only a 3-way connection ? I can’t with my connection to If you can what is the server displayed here:


Today everything works fine again… :wink:
so I cant reproduce it either…

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