Conference single video support for multiple audio streams | multiple languages

Hi There. I’m new here and thinking about Jitsi deployment. We have a need to have, for the same video stream, multiple audio streams. The idea is that for video conference we could have real-time translation and that the person could choose the language to listen on. Is something like this possible in Jitsi, please?

Yes it is, the translation though is not something we had used and may need some love.

Thanks for prompt reply! Just to clarify the use case scenario: translation is not needed. We have multiple human translators that generate audio stream/translator/language and simply the person logging to the conference would choose the language. It’s very simple, no need for translation (by means of software doing that). Is the answer still yes, and could you possibly (as a nice to have) point me to the documentation on this feature, if it exist, please? Once again - gratitude.

No there is no such feature, I was pointing to jigasi doing live transcriptions and then translating them, live and you see it as subtitles.


Hi Vladimir, I am also looking to implement similar functionality. How far did you get with it?
I think we are planning on having separate video streams (as well as audio) for the translators, so they are just other participants in the room, but with controls to make it easy for the clients to mute the main speaker and raise the volume of the particular translator for them. Also the translators themselves will need to hear the main speaker and mute everyone else.
Although for various reasons it might be good if the translators are audio-only participants, so that’s a good idea!

Thanks for chiming in - you would win a lot of business with such feature. However, everything needs to be smooth and stable, otherwise businesses typically choose the paid software. If you can do something like does, that would perfect! They are number 1 in stability and UX. We went with their solution, but we would be willing to reconsider if this becomes available and stable enough.