Conference room that disconnects when someone tries to join the conference room


Currently I have a problem, I installed jitsi server on an Ubuntu 20.04 server.
However when I create a conference room and someone tries to join, the conference room each time disconnects and before the room disconnects I hear the noise that someone is joining.


Search for UDP/10000

In firewall, I have authorized the port 1000 udp but same problem.

Make sure port 10000 is properly forwarded as well, if you’re behind a NAT.

I am not using NAT in my server, the server is currently only used in LAN.

Then make sure clients have direct access to jvb IP address on port 10000 using udp.

Then you need to configure HARVESTER IPs for JVB

not 1000, check that 10000 (4 zeros)

Hello, Problèm resolved,

The problem came from the prosody.cfg.lua file which was incorrectly configured, it was the lines for the video recorder which should not be there.

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