Conference Room Reloads After Update to Videobridge2

Good day. I ran updates to the Jitsi system about two weeks ago and moved to Videobridge2 and have been running into a reoccurring issue. Rooms with more than one person joining constantly reload. A simple restart of videobridge2 solves it, but a few days later it will do it again.

Looking through the logs, I found that Java ran out of memory several hours before a meeting took place. Not sure if this has anything to do with it as Jitsi’s still running with one person. It’s only when a second person joins that it reloads.

The server has 2GB RAM, which is double what the installation recommends, but I’m wondering if that only accounts for the initial installation of Jitsi. I also have Jicofo and Jigasi installed and running. Is there a memory leak or do I need more RAM?

Thanks for any help!

Running jicofo and jvb on same machine by default is recommended 8GB of RAM.
You can edit jicofo startup script and set a variable in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config to lower the max ram they use, which currently is set to 3GB max per process. You can lower it to be max up to 1GB, you may still run in to issues as it will be very close to your max RAM.