Conference password

If i set the password in the conference room the inbound call won’t get it in. Is there a way to short it out.

I believe having an admin configured should help. Please paste your jigasi file.

You can pass it as sip header, by default you pass Jitsi-Conference-Room for the room name, you can pass and Jitsi-Conference-Room-Pass to specify the password to use.

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That’s ideal if we control the PBX. In our case, we are using Jitsi Meet and have problems with our room being hijacked. Dial-in users are an important part of our community. What options do we have? I need to protect the room but I also need to enable drop in dial in access 24x7x365. Thanks

How does this work if the password has letters? How does the user type the password into the phone?
is it possible to limit passwords to just numbers ?

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Found the setting under web config.js
roomPasswordNumberOfDigits: 10,

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in this path /usr/share/jitsi-meet-web-config/config.js uncomment roomPasswordNumberOfDigits: 10,

but restart the server jitsi o services is not work!!!
Iwant this password set only digit number for my integration with PBX …its cant?

go to jitsi server url https://meet.domain.nlc/config.js from your browser and paste here your configuration.

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I had wanted to delete it because it took time to appear even though I restarted the server …

but I don’t let the blog do it …

But if it works thanks.