Conference not working for more than 2 people using

Hello everyone,

I saw that this issue has been presented in other posts, but in this case I’m try to use the conference room via, not hosting my own Jitsi server.

I’ve been using it for weeks without problems and suddenly today it started presenting this issue where all cameras and mics stop working if you have more than 2 people in the room.

I would really appreciate if you can help me with this problem.
This community is very valuable to me and I hope it keeps growing, specially in this difficult times.


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Please help triage this, what webbrowsers and os was the three users using, when video and mic stopped?

Good afternoon
I write because the same thing just happened to me. We are using Google Chrome and some are from Mac and others from Windows.

Why should the firewall be checked when using the server?

Now you said it i realize how dumb was my answer hahaha

We tried several devices with this systems:

  • Windows PC (Chrome)
  • Macbook (Chrome)
  • Android Phone (Jitsi App)

We also tried creating the room from all of them different devices, just in case the problem was coming from one of them.

The same thing kept happening.
The issue doesn’t seem to be related to this two factors.

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Is it possible that some ISPs block UDP in a way that this happens?

We’ve had participants who moved their laptop to a different Wifi network with another ISP during the conference, and there everything worked fine all of the sudden, when before they had the same symptoms.

Today the platform worked perfectly.
Can it be an issue with the large amount of people trying to use it at the same time?

Hi, same issue is happening to us since Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ve been using Jistsi since a couple of weeks now without any problem but this week troubles began. It’s not a problem of configuration or access privileges because the same people using the platform for weeks without any issue are experiencing problems now. I believe it could be a consequence of too many worldwide users? Any help? This afternoon, just few minutes ago, we could help a video call among 6 people with almost no problem (except that we should disconnect and connect again in order to be able to see and listen us).

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Issue continues, this is the screen when more than two people connects


Hello, same issue here. We’ve created a room on Monday and it was working properly until this afternoon when only one person at a time could enter in it.
When two people where trying to connect, both of them were automatically disconnected for 30 sec …
Also I’ve tried to get some information about my connection but everything was set to “N/A”.
We’ve created another room and it was fine.

I’m using Google Chrome and I’ve been using Jitsi meet for weeks and this is the first time it happens.

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The problem continues but intermittently, attached image from the Google Chrome browser console.

This sounds like a problem when switching from peer 2 peer mode to server mode. I am not familiar with Jitsi’s internals but it’s possible something was wrong with their server?


The jitsi team is reviewing this issue, read the following comment:

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i’m also getting a same issue and i also tried to upgrade the jitsi version but, it doesn’t affect on result , i’m getting the same issue. so, please send me steps for solving this error if available.

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Sounds like you’re having this issue on your personal server. Am I right? If so, check your firewall, make sure all required ports are open and accessible. Check port 1000/udp particularly - make sure it’s open and properly forwarded, if behind a NAT.