Conference doesn't work on newly set up jitsi instance

Hi. I’m new to the forum. I just set up a jitsi instance on my virtual private server after an tutorial from digital ocean. I also confirmed all the settings with tutorials from other sources. First I tried just using it without the authentication mode, so anyone could open a session. In this mode the conference could be started but if other people wanted to join, they were all in their own conference allthough they used the same URL.
So I tried activating the authentication mode with prosody. Now I can’t even start a conference anymore. When I type in the username an password I gave with “prosody register…”, it just hangs up with the message “Sitzungs-ID abrufen”, so “getting session ID”.
Further information: My vps runs Debian 10.
I allready tried fiddeling with the config files and their data ownership / rights, nothing works. It is allways the same error.
Firewall (ufw) is set up correctly. 80, 443,10000 are all allowed completely.

Welcome to the community.

Is that VPS hosted on digital ocean?

hi freddie, no its not.
I just found the tutorial by them pretty helpfull. My server is hosted elsewhere.
I allready have a homepage and an email server setup on it, which both work fine.

This issue mostly occurs when the access link and the setup URL are different.

hmm, don’t think that this is the case. I set it up with jitsi.mydomain.tld and this is also the URL I type into the browser for testing. (Of course with /ThisWeirdToken at the end)

First try to setup a working Jitsi without authentication. The authentication makes things more complicated.

Check the browser console log for errors