Conection Error: SyntaxError


I’m really new to Jitsi. I’m trying to deploy my first instance. I used the docker-jitsi-meet docker container. Every thing seems to work ok. But when i start the conference the fallowing error i displayed:

Any ideas?
I cant find any way to troubleshot this issue.

Thanks on advance

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Check your browser js console, it should give a clue.

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it seems to be a trouble accessing my mic. i have no camera.

Anyway this trouble does not happens when i use other instances.

Any ideas how to attack this issue?


Hmm…mm I think it’s more likely a configuration error - probably an added or missing comma somewhere in your config.


i used docker-jitsi-meet docker container for deployment.

so the only file i touched was .env to setup the domain and url strings.

where can i check for more config files?


I’m really not very familiar with docker. Perhaps @metadata can help.

Please check the url’s again. check double-quotes in your url string.


that was exactly the issue

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Hi again. Sorry to abuse your help. But im taking my frist Jisti steps and having issues all the time. I did what u suggested and the syntax error is gone. Thanks for that again.

But i hit another wall.

This is the matter:
What im trying to do is set up a local instance for learning so i install a local ubuntu virtual machine and im trying establish a conference between that virtual machine and the host machine. But they don’t seems to see each other. As you can see in the image below both machines are in the helloJitsi lobby but only one participant is displayed:

Any ideas?

Thanks on advance.