Concreate idea about meeting ID and participant ID

Hi everyone,

I am new to the jitsi platform. I am struggling to understand How jitsi generates meeting ID and participant ID.

As I understood, when a participant joins a meeting, jitsi creates an eight-digit unique id for every participant.
But I am not getting a description of the meeting ID.
I am looking for an expert answer with proper clarification.

The meeting id that is for internal use, is uuid

Or are you asking about the roomname? Every room is an xmpp muc which has a jid, based on the smallcaps of the meeting room name, which is the last part of the url in the browser.

If I create two meetings using the same name , e.g., test. So my question is the meeting id
is it different for both meetings?

Because when both meetings run, it became one meeting. It makes sense that when the meeting name is the same, the meeting id is also the same.

Yep, you cannot create two meetings with the same name on a shard. As both correspond to the same room name. The meeting id is something used internally and is generated once on room creation, which is when the first participant is joining.

Thank you very much for your clarification.