Concerning Prosody used with Jitsi-Meet

I’ve tried to get Openfire to work with Jitsi-meet with limited luck unfortunately.

I need to be able to actively administrate the users and conferences hosted on my Jitsi-Meet deployment.

Is it possible to setup the prosody web administration plugin with a Jitsi-Meet deployment?
Could someone give me some instruction?

Hi there,

We use standard prosody (with some plugins, that is) so there should be nothing specific to Jitsi Meet you’d need to consider AFAICT. There is a web admin module for Prosody: maybe that works for you?

That’s what I was asking about, has anyone used that with the prosody installed with jitsi-meet?

The prosody installed with Jitsi Meet is not special in any way. You can just follow the instructions and set it up. I haven’t done it, sorry I can’t assist you further.