Compling JVB, Jicofo and Prosody

I was setting up the local development environment for jitsi. I have done the following:

  1. Cloned jitsi-meet, jitsi-videobridge, jicofo, jicoco, prosody to a local development server.
  2. Installed jitsi-meet2 on the local development server(followed quick install guide)
  3. Java Version: 1.8
  4. Maven Version: 3.6

I compiled jitsi-meet successfully and tested. But compiling jitsi-videobridge gives errors but when I followed the community and found out that command to run the jitsi-videobridge from source is old.

JVB_HOME=“The path to your JVB clone.”
mvn compile exec:exec -Dexec.executable=java -Dexec.args="-cp %classpath org.jitsi.videobridge.Main -Djava.library.path=$JVB_HOME/lib/native/linux-64 -Djava.util.logging.config.file=$JVB_HOME/lib/ "

It’s giving the error as:

Error: Unable to initialize main class org.jitsi.videobridge.Main
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jitsi/meet/OSGiBundleConfig

It would help if I get the updated command about running the jitsi-videobridge2 from the source. And similar for other remaining components.


Take a look at

You can save the current working jvb jar file and copy the jvb jar file built from source, and restart jitsi-videobridge2. You need to make sure the jvb source code version is same as that of working JVB.

Thanks guys for reply
I have testes by copying the content into /usr/share/jitsi-videobridge/

I have 2 more question:

  1. How to build and run in eclipse IDE?
  2. How to run it from source code as it was given in the docs?

Thanks again…