Completely block Mobile Browsers

How can I completely block access from mobile browsers? Enabling deeplinking appears to merely prompt users to download the app, but they can opt not to and simply launch in the browser. I want to prevent this.

Also, do browser restrictions set in interface_config only affect desktop browsers? It seems like mobile browsers are not affected.

You can catch and block the user agents on Nginx

Great idea, @emrah! Was wondering if I was missing something in Jitsi config, but looks like I just have to implement it outside. Thanks!

Also interface-config.js doesn’t come into play on the mobile devices. Mobile only uses config.js.

Btw… You could remove access to resources like index.html. This would ‘break’ browsers but the mobile apps would still work.

Yeah, I noticed that, @corby. Blocking access to index.html won’t be the best option for me 'cos apart from the fact that it ‘breaks’ the browser, that also affects every browser. In this case, I just want to restrict access through a specific browser, so targeting the user agent would be the best option.