Complete list of URL modifiers?


I found a great video on youtube ( Customization Your Jitsi URL Bypass Pre Join and other screens on startup. by Rory Townsend) explaining the use URL modifiers.

I have the impression that this file

mentions all the URL modifiers possible, but it is not easy to read. Is there any more readable/userfriendly version of the list of parameters for URL modifiers, preferably distinguishing which one work on and which one work only on own instances?

Thanks a lot

That config.js file is the most complete and up-to-date. And to identify which ones you can modify in the URL, see.

I believe that whitelist reflects what you can do with On your own instance, you can pretty much change anything in config.js on server side. For URL param overrides on your own instance, the whitelist will also apply but you could modify configWhitelist.js and recompile to allow more.

N.B. There is also interface_config.js (and interfaceConfigWhite.js) which is deprecated and will be phased out over time but for now will still take effect.

If you’re thinking user friendly from the point of actual end users, then rather than just offering then a textual list, you could perhaps fork this project and add more configs that you believe your users might want to use – Jitsi URL Generator

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Thanks a lot!! This Jitsi URL Generator is very handy and useful!! I will have a look at the whitelist too, but he key feature/learning for me was that one can disable the prejoin screen which is a bit scary for mobile users, and that can be done easily with the URL generator. Really appreciated.

PS Just to be sure, on I suppose I cannot change the Jitsi logo or add an image as background, just the custom background colour. Right?

That’s correct. Any branding related changes to would be disallowed as that would be against terms of use.

To have more control over branding, you have to host your own or use JaaS (