Complete iOS/Android SDK


I am currently using OpenTok for my videoconference App.
I’d like to switch for a free and open source solution that we could deploy in our client premises.

Jitsi seems like a great option, my only issue is the mobile SDK.
Right now it is great for an extremely quick start.
Im my case, I need an SDK like OpenTok that allows for example to publish custom video streams, subscribe to users, know when they mute their microphone/video, know when someone leaves…

I am wondering if this is something that you plan to develop, if so when do you think it would be out ?
Or could I use a jitsi server, the jitsi SDK for the web and for mobile use my own webrtc implementation ?
By following this kind of tutorial on Android ?
If so do you have any documentation about this ? Or maybe you can point be to react-native source that I could adapt to kotlin and swift ?


I just saw that you use the react-native-webrtc library.
I guess I will simply use this library in my native code alongside the jitsi server.
Do you have important parts of the react native code that you could point be to concerning the joining of a room ? This could help me for my own implementation.