Compiliing the Android client



I am trying to compile the Android github repo, even though it is not maintained, for the purpose of testing and making modifications for a potential app. I get several missing packages related to SIP.

Is there an alternate source code that can be cloned and compiled with the basic app?


IIRC somebody forked the project and now continues at:


@saghul, thanks for the reply and sharing that other repo. It seems that app uses Jitsi, but is it actually an official JITSI application? It doesn’t seem to be.


It’s not an official Jitsi project, no. We do have Jitsi Meet for Android already on the store, but it’s not the same as the old one. Jitsi Meet is focused on video conferencing.



Thank you kindly for the response! Truly appreciated. I downloaded

Jitsi Meet but it doesn’t seem to support any SIP, rather its own
video conferencing protocol. I am attempting to build a custom SIP
with custom cryptography, and thus was looking into Jitsi’s Android
repo. In your estimation, do you think Jitsi Meet can be modified to
support SIP connecting to an existing SIP server? Video is not our
concern at the moment.


I don’t think Jitsi Meet is a good match for your use case.

Look into PJSIP, that have a very good SDK so maybe you can build your app on top of it.

Good luck!