Compile videobridge_5076 with git repo but the quality locks on 180*320

I download the videobridge_5076 from git and use the command: mvn package -DskipTests -Dassembly.skipAssembly=false
to build the videobridge jar to instead the old one.It will generate a jar call jitsi-videobridge-2.1-SNAPSHOT.jar in the path:jvb/target and I copy it to the path jvb installed to instead the jitsi-videobridge.jar.
Then I restart videobridge and create a three participants meeting but found the quality of video is always 180*320 and the informations such as bitrates、loss packet and framerate shows NA.But if I just use the apt install version which the videobridge.jar is provided by offical,it works ok.
Is there anyone meet the same problem?Who can resolve it?


anyone have ideas?

Probably some lib dependency incompatibility …

thank you for your reply.I compiled the code without any changes,if some libs incompatibility,is that mean the code of this version 5076 has some issue?

Nope, but you said you replaced just the jar? So you installed 5076, checkout same code compiled it and replaced the jar? If that is the case, this should work.
You are not replacing the fat jar, right?

yes,I just get the 5076 code from git and compiled it and replaced the jar.It size is just about 600K,not the 37M one.

Hum that’s strange. And with original one it works?

I think I just find the reason.In the file,there is a function called parse().In this function there are two similar codes invoke ‘buf.position()’.It seems that invoke this ‘buf.position()’ has some problem like ‘no such method’.And it affects the codes going on.So OpenChannelMessage object seems not be created sucessfully and cause a series of trouble.I mark these two lines and the resolution can be 720*1280 now.
The strange is there is no exceptions when videobridge service is running with the error codes.Even I use try…catch I still get no exceptions.The method ‘position’ is also the function of class ByteBuffer. It is really so strange and I have no idea why!!!

Which is the tag you use?

You use and the same jitsi-meet version is installed 2.0.5076?

This is jvb 2.1-351-g0bfaac1c, you are replacing the file in this installed version?

I got codes from and tag is stable/jitsi-meet_5076.And yes, the installed version is 2.0.5076.

I have tried the several times and found the problem is when the codes invoke ByteBuffer.position(int),it happened some exceptions so that affect the follow codes.But there is not any exception in log,so I don’t know the really reason.I ever doubt the reason is the java version(openjdk11) I compiled is different with the jar running env(openjdk8),so I changed the compile env to openjdk8,too.But unfortunately there is no effect.Now the temporary solution is not use ByteBuffer,I use arrayCopy instead and it works OK.
But I still want to know the really reason,can you any ideas?