Compatible Crome, Firefox and IE versions

Hi Dear
kindly could you please share with us the compatible versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE which are working with JITSI Meet.
for your information we installed our own jitsi server, and the users have differents navigators and different versions.

thank you for your support


newest Chrome is recommended, but anything above chrome 69 should be fine. We are working on improving Firefox experience, so stay tuned, and latest Firefox is recommended. IE is not supported and will never be supported.

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Hi @damencho : so I’m working on the same project with @Fadoua_Ouerdiane
We are using Jitsi Meet deployed on our own server, we have used Jitsi Meet on Docker and configure it to run on our machine.
If there is new fixes that had been done or will be done by the jitsi Team, how can we implement those updates and fixes on our machine ?

Not sure which fixes do you mean?

I’m talking in general, if there is some fixes done or to be done, how can I check and upgrade them to my jitsi server

The project docker-jitsi-meet follows the stable releases. Once there is a new version you should update, I’m not familiar how it is done that with the docker images.
If you want something from the unstable repo, I know you need to modify the docker-jitsi-meet to use unstable repo and build your own images and use those.

how to know the current version installed on docker-jitsi-meet project, any command ??