Compatibility with JAWS screen reader?

Hi Jitsi community,

I’m eager to support a colleague of mine who wants to join our jitsi meetings but who reports that jitsi is not compatible with JAWS (a widely-used screen-reader). Is this a known issue with respect to accessibility? Can you offer any advice for accommodating my colleague?

Kaylea Champion

Hi there @Kaylea_Champion. I’m not aware of JAWS, I don’t know if anyone in the team is. What is not compatible? Is there anything obvious we should be doing in order to be compatible?

It is compatible with JAWS. You should use Chrome. Very importent is, that you need before you can use the shortcuts from jitsi the Shortcut: JAWS+3. That you have to do for every Shortcut from Jitsi. Alternatively you can use JAWS+Y once, than the JAWS Mouse is deactivated, but remember to activate it (with the Same combination) before you tipe and when you leave the Internet or if you want to use some JAWS Commands.
The Important commands for jitsi are: M: muten or entmuten, R: raise Hand, ?: Show Shortcuts

If JAWS talks the other people in the Meeting can hear it too. So you can do your JAWS on I don‘t know how it‘s called in english. It means that JAWS doesn‘t talk but is activated. The shortcut therefor is: JAWS+Space, S.

I hope that I can help