does not work from my IP does not work from my IP address.
It gives certificate error with all browsers.
I need to use Opera with VPN to access here.
Just to let the Jitsi community webmaster to know this.

Works with no problem here. Maybe add a screenshot with the certificate you see …

I think this means is blocked from my IP
EDIT: so it works when I switch to Opera private mode and enable VPN which will give me another IP from another country

You should be able to check the cert something like this:


What do you see there?

I see this

For me your browser is misbehaving … seems like for some reason is connecting using an ip address not the DNS and record and so wrong certificate is used.
You get the same behaviour with all browsers?
Or maybe you have some bad http proxy that is used …

It could be my home ISP. Because with my phone SIM card connection, all works.
Also with VPN all works. But this is the only site wher I have noticed this using my home connection