Community Discussion On Hidden Users

I want to have a constructive community decision on hidden Users. To start, its been a requested feature on many instances. Examples:

The are various other threads with the same request and issue. The most common response I’ve seen against adding the feature is one around ethics:

Hiding participants in general is a privacy problem and is not recommended.

As a community discussion a few questions that I think is worth while discussion:

  1. Has anyone successfully accomplished this?
  2. How many requests for a feature make it a valid feature to add to the roadmap?
  3. Is the issue really an ethical/privacy concern? (especially given other technologies offer this)
  4. Who is responsible for acting ethical? And at what point does the developer play “God”?
  5. Given the current climate of todays technology, is this a valid request that make sense?

Hidden users just work on Jitsi, you just need to know how it works and think twice about it, or simply search for the solution in this forum… I think you’re a bit late opening the discussion…

@kpeiruza if you view the other threads I posted, none of the solution work in a usable way. The only one that does work is the XMPP_USER, but it doesn’t work from a seperate domain.