Community Call Notes - March 22, 2021

Hello folks. I find the community calls useful and thought I would share my notes with everyone here.

New stable version of jitsi expected to be out this week or next.

Brand new toolbar coming along.
On test flight for mobile. Desktop to follow.

Landed responsive design for mobile browsers. More enhancements will land soon. Examples include flipping camera easily and uncluttering of UI.

Optimizations to scale to 500 participants.
Back-end can handle 500.
Client-side changes still needed to get to 500.
Load test tool now does speaker switching in master
Malleus tool inside jitsi-meet-torture starts selenium grid and clients.
Lightweight version of frontend API to run 500 clients in 50 cloud instances instead of 500.
Few people sending video. Modeling 1-2 prominent speakers sharing video in conference.
Using AWS c5.xlarge instances.
Will be switching to testing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to match production deployment.
Multi cloud setup doesn’t work well.
OCI is cheaper than AWS.
Using E3.Flex in OCI

Film strip reactification merged to master. Not yet released.
optimization of Film strip thumbnails being explored.

Signaling optimizations to reduce number and size of messages handled by XMPP. Focusing on signaling messages for joining a call.

Blurring going out of beta. Entirely new version.
Virtual background will come with that.
Blur works best with Wasm SIMD extensions. Can enable via chrome flags. New blur implementation still better even without SIMD flag enabled.
Filters don’t work in Safari.

Extending speaker stats to account for reactions like percentage of time spent smiling, frowning, etc.
Speaker stats intent is to show visible information, not attributes like participants’ browsers.

VP9 feature merged in. Not in production anywhere yet.
Would like Community feedback of testing with clients not supporting VP9.
Fallback mechanism landed in client.

Jibri defaults to 1080p in master with unstable build. Rolling out to this week.

Slack integration updated to use slack’s new V2 Oauth 2.0 flow.

Q&A Insights

TURN can relay traffic from clients not supporting UDP connectivity by converting to TCP.

Docker images can be made to work with unstable versions of jitsi packages.

XMPP authentication not rigorously tested. Prefer using JWT authentication.

OCTO inter-region (across regions) configuration leads to overall RTT increases.
Inter-region architecture implies every jicofo needs to know every jvb. Can overwhelm jicofo.
Inter-region architecture not recommended for all cloud deployment, but maybe worth considering in hybrid deployment.
OCTO fixes coming in newest stable.

There is a packet timeline feature mode in jvb to see the lifetime of packets.


@Jonathan_Lennox was the 500 participant number given for a single JVB or was intra-region OCTO used?

Thanks for sharing. I’m so mad I missed it!

IMO it’s working much better now, because with the first version background was hardly hidden. Now it’s much more difficult to see.

So 500 participants in one call works by distributing participants across several bridges. We run with octo enabled per region, no cross-region connection. So all bridges on one shard can connect to each other. Current tests are in isolated environment where we test 100 participants per bridge. In practice jicofo will choose less stressed bridge from the pool …

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And forgot to add, these are awesome notes and very helpful, thanks :slight_smile:

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hi @damencho,

Do we need to use SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy for this purpose?

Thank you.

Anyone have a recording of this? Would have loved to join but I guess I missed that memo.

@Freddie I always watch the calls after the fact on YouTube.

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IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy I think.


@jose thanks for that reminder, I completely forgot… lol. I usually join live, so I never remember to check the archives for past meetings.

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HI guys, awesome news, please so when are these changes going to be ready?

I also, please do you have use case of the app reacts now with 100 participants when it comes to pagination?

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There is no ETA but we are actively working on it.

Our goal is 500 participants and that will be handled from the pagination.

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Thank youuu:) So right now what is the capacity of pagination?:slight_smile:

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Update: 1080p Jibri is now rolled out to

Great notes. Thank you @jose :+1:

Thanks for the detailed notes @jose !