Communication between Videobridge instances for Octo

I’ve been setting up a Jitsi installation with multiple autoscaled Videobridge instances over multiple AWS regions. I’m now looking at making sure that people connect to the region closest to them. I see for Octo that the Videobridge’s need to communicate with eachother direclty and it says a few times to make sure the network is secure so I assume just opening up those ports to public routable IPs would be a Bad Idea.

I’m trying to avoid having to setup bridged VPCs between all the regions. Do ALL Videobridge’s need to communicate with each other or can it work if it’s just those in the same region. I saw there was IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy that means that a single conference is never split between regions and I wondered if maybe that would make it ok?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what Octo is or does complete? Is there anything I can read about that or is it just a mattter of reading the source?


Yes, this is how we use it today. The bridge is used to split conferences because they are big or there is enough load on some bridge.

It connects bridges so conferences can be on multiple bridges, that’s it. Without it, you have the restriction of a conference on a single bridge.
There is not much to read jitsi-videobridge/ at master · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub and the regional explanation Geographical Bridge Cascading | Videobridge | Jitsi

Thanks for taking the time to reply, that’s really helpful!

I’ve now setup peering between my VPCs so all my Videobridge’s can talk to eachother.