Communication between conferences

Is it possible to pass an audio and video channel from one conference to another?

We do have a form of cascading: OCTO. It’s intended for horizontally scaling conferences across bridges, is that what you’re after?

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It’s fantastic!
And if I want to get the audio and video channels of a conference from the front to use them in another, is it possible?

With the method:[“features/base/tracks”] I get for example the video channel, I have the identifier of both the participant and the device, If I want to get this data from another conference, can I do it?

That won’t work. What I mentioned is a mechanism for server scalability, not an API you can use from the JS side. I’m afraid what you want is not possible.

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I understand.
But do you think it is possible to develop this with the methods that exist?

I don’t know, I’ve never sat down to think how to accomplish that.

Thank you so much!