Command or Log File for Jitsi Server Status?

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I run my own jitsi server on home lab for friends and colleagues, due to the limited resource, I try to figure out the jitsi server status. Is there any command that I can get info like “how many room in use”, “how many user in each room” ? or log file I can try parsing it.

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You can query the following URLs for statistics (include conference and participant counts):
http://localhost:8888/stats (jicofo)
http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats (jitsi-videobridge)


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Thanks bro. It’s helpful.

Take a look in this thread, there are the required parameters which work for jvb1 and jvb2.


Sorry for this stupid question, but how do we access this from our server?

Thanks a lot for your explanation

you can use any http tool you want, curl being one:

curl http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats | jq

jq being just a tool to format the json format in something more human-reader friendly. That said, the human reader has still to have quite some knowledge in networks, jitsi, video.

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Do we have to enable port 8080 in ufw settings?
I’m getting this error:
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 8080: Connection refused

Is your server running current stable version ? If not upgrade, if yes check videobridge config that should include
if not change it and restart videobridge


It’s working now

I runned curl http://localhost:8888/stats, it works, but when I runned curl http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats
got this error:

Error 404 Not Found

HTTP ERROR 404 Not Found

URI: /colibri/stats
MESSAGE: Not Found
SERVLET: org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer-493dfb8e

Powered by Jetty:// 9.4.40.v20210413

Did you enable the interface?

yes, org.jitsi.videobridge.ENABLE_STATISTICS=true


the config file is /etc/jitsi/videobridge/
I changed




then runned

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2

but, curl http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats still return 404

Try adding “rest”, so you have this:


Still return 404
http://localhost:8888/stats and http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats return same info? I can got “how many room in use”, “how many user online” form http://localhost:8888/stats, it’s enough.

If those are the stats you’re interested in, then yes, Jicofo is sufficient. So curling 8888/stats will give you that information.

Also, maybe try See if you get a different response. Still return 404,

http://localhost:8888/stats is enough, anyway, thanks :slight_smile:

Just occurred to me: is your JVB hosted on the same server as your Jitsi Meet server? If not, are you curling on the server hosting your JVB?

what are the outputs?

netstat -taunp
ps auxww | grep jvb