Combine Camera and Screen Share (presenter mode) and record remotely

I am able to start the presenter mode but am attempting to record both the screen and camera through the API using
api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {
mode: ‘file’, //recording mode, either file or stream .
I am not clear how to create one composite video stream to record both the camera and screen share. I can get the camera image from canvas and can obtain the screen with navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia({video: true});

but I am at a loss as how to combine on one track for recording. I am trying to do this so that the screen and camera are started on page load and the recording of both initiated with an eventListener(button push).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Please don’t create multiple posts on the same request.

Apart from the fact that it’s tantamount to spamming the forum, it’s best to stick with one thread so anyone trying to help can see what’s been suggested and didn’t work e.t.c…

@Freddy, Fair enough, I was simply trying to change the category from “install” to “developers” as it was placed there in error. I see no other way to make sure it is re-classified correctly.
Hopefully, my error, and your subsequent calling out on your forum by you, normally a good contributor, will not discourage others from attempting to help.

You can edit the topic to re-categorize a thread.

OK, didn’t see it. Thank you!