Collect user feedback without using

Hi all,

I want to collect user feedback with the feedback popup after closing a conference. Am I right, that the results are send to and a chargeable account is needed to view the results? Does anyone know if there are also other possibilities to collect user feedback without third party tools? I would be very grateful for help.

Hum, I think we also send the feedback with analytics. So you can implement your own analytics provider and send it that way. But I think the feedback dialog and stuff is tight to callstats, and if callstats is disabled that functionality is missing. You can try it by providing some dummy callstats credentials I guess… And when everything works any PRs are welcome.

@damencho Thanks for your quick reply. I will try to use an internal survey tool. Is is also possible to change the link for the “Leave feedback” button in the toolbox so that i can redirect to an custom url?