Collect data - research purpose

I am a research scientist and I am very new with Jitsi tools.

I want to set up this scenario: Four clients (using Web browser and jitsi meets) join a video conference (using Jitsi Videobridge). Then, I want to collect data like video quality, bitrate, and latency to study this platform.

It is about a week that I am trying to setup this platform but I can not. I am almost lost.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Hi Sinaa. Welcome to the Jitsi Community!

It might be a lot easier for others to help you if you share more details about specific problems you’re facing. Is you problem that you cannot set up a fully functioning Jitsi deployment? Does it not work at all, or does it fail with more than 2 participants? or does it all work and you need help extracting the data you need from it?

Without more details, I’m afraid the best anyone can to do help is you point you to the Self-Hosting Guide.

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for your response.
I was not able to set up a fully functioning Jitsi deployment.
Thanks for sharing the link. I will follow the “Self-Hosting Guide” to set up a Jitsi video conferencing platform.