Colibri websockets configuration for shared videobridges for two frontends

Hi, we have a local Jitsi Meet deployed like this one here.

We would like to implements websockets on videobridges but this seems impossible in our situation since there are multiple frontends signaling nodes but configuration of websockets in jvb.conf supports only one domain. Is there some undocumented way to configure multiple domains?

Hi, you have some solutions to share your videobridges with mullitple Jicofo/prosody front end.

1- you can directly access the videobridge without using your front nginx proxy configuration but you need a domain and a valid certificat name per videobridge .

2- Use a dedicated domain name for your websocket proxy.


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The websockets config in jvb.conf refers to the domain used to connect to that JVB instance itself, and does not have to match the frontend domain.

Ideally you want users to connect directly to JVB. You can assign a domain name for each JVB and use that in the config. Make sure you have the appropriate SSL cert on each JVB.

If your users need to be proxied via one of the frontends, then you could just use any one of the frontend domains with the downside that that specific frontend becomes a point of failure for all JVBs behind it.

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Thanks to both of your answers, they cleared up my misconception of this configuration!