Colibri stats not available anymore?

the colibri stats are now giving error 404. I did not check them for a long time, and I updated Jitsi lately, so I am unsure about what have been causing the problem, but now this is the error I get:

$ LC_ALL=C wget
--2023-01-27 11:41:31--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2023-01-27 11:41:31 ERROR 404: Not Found.

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It should be there. Could it be that it’s not enabled? The configuration used to be in config, but now it’s in jvb.conf

I think it is enabled, in fact when I call the /about/version URL, it works as axpected:

$ LC_ALL=C wget --quiet -O-

But the private part is not configured at all:

$ cat /etc/jitsi/videobridge/jvb.conf
videobridge {
    http-servers {
        public {
            port = 9090
   websockets {


do you have that:

videobridge {
    apis {
        rest {
            enabled = true
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No, this was missing. And this fixed the problem.

This is an install on a Debian system with default configuration. Does this means that this should be enabled on pourpose?

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By default, on a fresh install, it is disabled and you need to enable it explicitly in jvb.conf.
But if it was enabled in the config file, the debian postinst script tries to re-enable it in jvb.conf.
So on an upgrade it should be kept as a functionality. Of course, postinst may have failed for some reason, so it’s better to double-check the jvb.conf.

I’m borrowing this thread, I have the exact same problem on one jvb. Fetching http://localhost:8080/about/version works fine, but trying to get http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats just gives me http 404 not found. I have apis rest enabled true as described above.

The strange thing is that it works on my main server (where I have web, jicofo, prosody and also a jvb) but not on this particular server with only jvb on it. Any ideas where I could look?

edit: Please silently ignore my mumbling. I was looking in the wrong jvb.conf :smiling_face:

That sounds to me like something I stumbled upon and has been solved here

Edit: I guess my answer is now obsolete