Colibri statistics multiple jvb

Hi i have succesfuly installed jitsi-meet and three jvb in balance. I have also enabled statistics on all installation with colibri,muc and rest transport. But in the machine where is installed jicofo (i think the machine collecting stats) quering colibri stats (curl -v i can retrive only stats from first jvb and not from the others.
Can i resolve this?
Thanks in advance

Don’t get it, if you connect to a jvb, how can you expect the stats for other jvbs - other processes on other computers ?

Thanks gpatel-fr i was sure that enabling stats on other jvb machine these stats flow to the central jicofo machine. So i must collect for every machine json stats

Try running on your JVBS and collect all the information onto a central prometheus server

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Thanks cosmo83 for your response but i have my transporter stats to a central grafana installation, my only issue was that three machines export colibri stats not to the central jicofo installation but in every inst.
i remediate putting exporters in every jvb instance.