Colibri rest api

I tried colibri rest api with following the document below.
rest colibri doc

I completed successfully till example 4 and I got the response.

In the response, the bridge will include some information it has assigned to the endpoint (like ids for the endpoint and all the channels that it created), as well as its ICE information

However, I don’t understand how I could create the statements in 6 to PATCH again.

  1. We take that response and translate it into SDP to create an offer for the new client.
  2. The client will send back an answer that we translate from SDP into colibri. It will now contain new information about the client, like which payload types, codecs and ssrcs it will be using. We then patch the conference again with the contents of that colibri message (again to <bridge_base_url>/colibri/conferences/a439deb315b4128c)

I’m very new to this tech, any help is so greatful.

@bbaldino @damencho Could you please help on this?

If you’re new to this, I’m not sure I’d recommend writing a custom signaling agent. Is there a reason you’re not using Jicofo?

@bbaldino, Thank you so much for your reply.
I’m not aware of this function.
just for confirmation, What you meant is that I could use Rest API to jicofo for managing the conference like the document below?

What is it you’re trying to do? If you want to do your own jitsi deployment, I would start by doing a simple install of all the Jitsi components and get that working. If you want to customize you can go from there.

@bbaldino Thanks for your reply.
We are doing the POC to develop online video customer support and company conference into the created web application, and now I’m doing the research.

<What I’ve already tried as the process of research>

  1. jitsi setup on docker environment
  2. starting jitsi meet mtg with using my server
  3. using IFrame API embedded into web page
    (4. creating the chatbot which is working in the chat sled for customer support)

<What I’d like to achieve>

  1. Bot can create the mtg with using REST API, not IFrame API
  2. Each customer can join in the different mtg

I know I can just create the random room with using the chat bot. However, I would like to know if there’s any other way, reserving the conference, etc.

Ok, I think I better understand now.

So, if you want to be able to use the REST API to create conferences on the JVB, you’ll need to replicate all the other logic that Jicofo does to get participants into a call, which isn’t a small task.

Why do you want a bot to be able to ‘create’ a room? Jitsi uses a model where a room is automatically created when a participant joins, so ‘creating’ a room can be as simple as generating a link; the room itself will be created when the first user clicks that link.

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That’s true.
I’m thinking about creating the room with generating the room with user authentication set.
However, as the part of the research, I have to inform to the client.
Could you please let me know this part more?

you’ll need to replicate all the other logic that Jicofo does to get participants into a call,

So, are jitsi meet and jvb conference basically completely different staff?
Sorry, my question is too basic.

Jicofo manages many aspects of a Jitsi meet conference and acts as an intermediary between the clients and the bridge(s) for signaling and setting up media, so there are many roles it performs that, if you decided not to use Jicofo, you’d have to recreate.