Colibri REST API responsiveness


I’ve found curl -v http://localhost:8080/colibri/conferences has a quite large update timeout. I add a test conference, it loads, but curl still gives [] for a while. Same when the conference is removed: curl gives e.g. [{"id":"6f569069180dd1ad"}], which does not exist anymore. By adding/removing the conference I mean the web browser method. Any pointers for how can we get Colibri to update the conference list faster?

Kind regards,

  • Dmitry.

Is this on JVB v1.x? Or 2.x?

Does this imply JVB version: < Server: Jetty(9.4.15.v20190215) ?

No, sorry I guess a better way to ask would be: how are you installing? Building from source or using packages? If source, how are you checking out? And if packages, which package are you installing?

It’s the latest PPA installation for Ubuntu 16.04 according with the Jitsi site instructions.

Ok, that should be v1.x then. I don’t know of any known issues there, but I don’t think we use that API a ton. You may be able to increase the log level for jetty and get some more information about whatever it is that may be taking a while. Are all requests sluggish? (the version or health endpoints, for example)

Well, I currently have logs for jicofo and videobridge. I’ve noted unlike colibri REST API, the jicofo logs indicate instant reaction on member/room status changes.