Code for XMPP presence message that sends users' email address to other users when first joining a conference

I am currently in the process of modifying a forked implementation of Jitsi Meet where I want to attach user’s birthdate information to the redux store features/base/participants from some web forms. I have been able to modify the code base and get the user input birthdate to the redux store features/base/participants at the local property. So, right now only the current user is able to view his/her input birthdate by accessing the variable['features/base/participants'].local

However, my requirement is that this birthdate information should be sent to other remote participants when the user joins a conference. To my understanding, this is possible by sending a presence message attaching the birthdate information as data. Likewise, I have been tracking how email info of
a user is sent to remote participants when joining a conference. So, if I am able to find how and where the email info of a user is sent to remote participants when joining a conference, I will be able to attach birthdate information similarly. Currently, Jitsi Meet uses sendData(COMMAND_NAME, value) to send presence message for attaching additional info about user. However, I have only found this code occurence when a user is updating his/her email from the Settings → Profile tab dialog. Is there a specific code definition in the codebase (like a particular file) that sends user’s email info to other remote participants via presence message? It would be a great help since I have been stuck for a few days on this now. Thanks!

Use this lib-jitsi-meet/JitsiConference.js at b5288c29893447db62d6bb612570d2895d32e6b2 · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub
It should already be used about several things in jitsi-meet