Cocoa Framework With Jitsi Source Code



Hey All, Greetings
I’m in the middle of creating a chat ios SDK, where I can find the source code of Jitsi for ios as jitsi .frameowk in my cocoa framework is not supported by Apple.


You can find the code here:

What problem are you running into with the framework?


Basically i have webRTC.framework And JitsiMeet.framework with me , bt Apple dosen’t support cascading framework structure as i’m creating a SDK and can’t add these “frameworks” in my own “framework” …!


That’s correct. The app that uses your framework will need to link with these 2 frameworks as well. That’s an iOS limitation and there is no way around it that I know of.


is thr any another way to add jitsi in my framework ? is jitsi’s source code is availble ?


No, there isn’t.

Of course. I pasted the URL earpier: