Cloudflare set up

How to set up the Cloudflare DNS with self-hosted Jitsi.

I added the IP address of the Jitsi server to the Cloudflare DNS manager and received a 522 error. After moving the domain management to my hosting company the site is back to normal again.



It looks like it is not possible since Jitsi uses ports that are not forwarded by Cloudflare.

Here is the list of ports forwarded by Cloudflare by default:

Maybe it would be possible by using Cloudflare Spectrum on an Enterprise plan, since it allows forwarding any TCP or UDP port you configure.

Hope someone finds a better (cheaper) solution, I’m looking for it too!

If you deploy the components of Jitsi separately rather than funneling everything through nginx, you can easily put the static frontend (and the XMPP websocket if your CDN supports WS) behind a CDN like CloudFlare, while having JVB communication go directly to the JVBs and TURN directly to the TURN servers. Sending uncacheable realtime media via a CDN would only add latency, so it’s probably better to treat that separately. This is broadly the architecture that AVStack uses, although we use AWS CloudFront as a CDN rather than CloudFlare.