Cloud +Kubernetes+ Docker + Jitsi - Implement JVB load Balance on Cloud infra with Kubernetes or better achitechture

We are looking for an expert advise & steps in Cloud +Kubernetes+ Docker + Jitsi for refactoring existing server architecture. Currently we have an VM instance with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running jitsi-docker with the basic docker-compose configuration (container for WEB, JICOFO, one JVB, PROSODY and one JIBRI).

We have to manage from 500 to 5000 concurrent users in different rooms so we need to add additional JVBs server for load balancing (with Kubernetes or with other better systems independent of cloud managed infrastucture). We need also the possibility to turn on or off the JVBs(Auto scale) dynamically based on the current traffic, without making changes on the whole systems.

We need also to know if there is a way to automatically handle the JVBs (for automated scaling up and scaling down of additional servers) using kubernetes or similar system if the system need more resources or at the peak of the system usage (for example from 09.00 to 18.00, CPU usage, etc.)

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Could you share how you do it? Thanks!

Hello, our team is trying to deploy scalable jitsi in kubernetes but we have had several performance and configuration problems for example for jibri, so you have experience with this, I would like to know if you have experience and could help us, also know the cost of your services

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@Hervis_Pichardo you might want to create a new post with your request in the “Paid work” category so it gets the right visibility and those who might be able to help you can see it and respond.

Yes, I can help you; cost depends on your detailed requirements;

Check here:

Also here:

And here:

This may give some idea.

Also sent you PM if you need support.