Cloning Jitsi meet installation

Hello all,

I would like to install 2 instances of jitsi meet in our lan.
One in the regular intranet. The regular intranet has internet connection.
The other one in an isolated network without any internet access.

Yesterday I installed jitsi-meet on Ubuntu 22.04 for the regular intranet.
After some little problems it works now. Great! Its name is ‘’

Today I cloned this vm and moved it to our isolated network.
I changed the hostname and also changed all config files from ‘’ to ‘’. I also changed all files containing the old hostname to the new hostname.

As you can guess it is not working.
jicofo/jvb tells in the logfile: No X509TrustManager implementation available.

I followed the jitsi manual install guide to repair this and recreated certificates for prosody for the new hostname. So far so good. Prosody seems to run. As last step you should run ‘update-ca-certifcates -f’. This fails here.

I get an Cannot open java keystore. Is the password correct?

In the update-ca-certificategs script is the standard java ca keystore password is ‘changeit’. Has jitsi changed this password during install?

Other question: Is it possible to run the setup process happening in apt install of jitsi meet manually? That should (hopefully) fix the problem.

Thanks again for your help


Looks like you have the same issue

Yes this looks similar. But it does not help in my case. Is it possible to restart the console wizard and enter my new domainname to let it do its same work. I cannot reinstall as in the isolated network I cannot download packages from the internet

If deb packages are still in your archive (/var/cache/apt/archives/) you can purge and reinstall your system with a self-signed certificate