Client side issues


We tried out one meeting with Jitsi with 15-20 people and the scaling on the server side is fine. However, on the client side browsers became unresponsive after a while so that the meeting collapsed because of this. Besides not using Firefox, are there any other ways to improve the stability on the client side? Is it clear what causes the browser behavior?


We are working on improving that, there are already changes in that direction on latest unstable and on
Which versions did you test?


Thanks for the quick reply. We used the stable build from the official download side:

Would it help to use a separate client instead of the browser version? E.g. there is the Matrix integration of Jitsi; or can the Jitsi Desktop client be configured to use our own Jitsi server?




The best is to try chrome latest at the moment.

I can confirm that. We’ve made conferences with 35+ people, but you need some discipline. Participants need to disable their video unless they are the ones talking for example. Keeping the number of video streams low helps a lot.