Client disconnected after configure prosody with AD ldap

I tried to configure jitsi-meet to a AD ldap for end user authentication. This is my ldap.cfg.lua:
authentication = ‘ldap2’ – Indicate that we want to use LDAP for authentication
ldap = {
hostname = ‘’, – LDAP server location
use_tls = false,
user = {
basedn = ‘dc=atlas,dc=com’,
usernamefield = ‘sAMAccountName’,
namefield = ‘cn’,
Enabled user login by

authentication = “ldap2”


consider_bosh_secure = true

After restart prosody, the jitsi-meet ask user to login before start a meeting. I can see login dialog, but always be asked to rejoin after input username/pwd. The prosody log prompts that client disconnected very soon:
Sep 04 08:45:03 mod_bosh info New BOSH session, assigned it sid ‘ceb2c392-10bf-489c-9bbb-d5b6d39175f9’
Sep 04 08:45:03 boshceb2c392-10bf-489c-9bbb-d5b6d39175f9 info BOSH client disconnected