Client connected to Jitsi Meet hangs just before 24 hours

This may be a somewhat unusual case. One of the reasons we chose Jitsi for our global volunteer organization was unlimited conference duration. However, we find the client connected to Jitst Meet reliable hangs just shy of 24 hours:
We have one room which is designed to be always open for people to drop in. There is a host computer that keeps the room open 24x7x365 and shares a live stream video. Every 24 hours that client hangs. The screen refreshes and then it just hangs, e.g., the timer on the top of the screen stops. All controls are non-responsive. This happens both with Chrome and with the Chrome App.

Any idea what is happening and how to fix it? What data would we need to collect to help you troubleshoot? Thanks - John

well, that depends on what you are talking about? if by ‘Jitsi’ you mean the open source software that you put on your own server, it’s not limited. If by ‘Jitsi’ you mean, in the term of services the word ‘unlimited’ don’t appear anywhere. The word ‘limit’ appear in several parts, including that the service provider can limit the use at wish. Limits of 24 hours and 6 hours have been floated on this forum by an employee of the service provider. It seems that implement effectively the first from what you say.
If you are using the open source software on your own servers, it’s a bug.

Argh! Pardon my brain cramp - I knew to specify that and forgot - yes, we do use Jitsi Meet as the service provider. I’ll review the terms of service. I remember in our survey of possible products that the unlimited was a mentioned feature but that could have been for the open source project as you say. Thanks - John

Hmm . . . I see the 25 end point limit and the disclaimer that the service does not guarantee 100% up time but I don’t see a conference time limit.

you don’t see ‘unlimited’ either ? that’s what I was saying, as also that:

8×8 may – in its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice, and without any obligation or liability to You or any other party – suspend, terminate, limit, change, modify, downgrade, and/or update the Service (in whole or in part), including without limitation any feature, functionality, Integration or component thereof.

See the word ‘limit’ ? I have bolded it for ya.

You may want to try, subscription you will need if you want streaming/recording or moderation in the meeting.

Thank you. Yes, I see the general they can limit anything. But I also see on the Jitsi Meet web site:

Unlimited free meeting access for up to 100 participants at a time.

Thanks, damencho. Thankfully, we have no need for a moderator or recording. It’s a drop in room. Just trying to figure out why the client hangs. It’s a hard hang - can’t do anything except close the application.

Yeah that is strange … I have a suspicion, but it should just reload and connect to new bridge …

By any chance, has that suspicion been confirmed and is there anything we can do to sustain the connection? Thanks - John

I’m not sure why the reload will not end up again in a usable meeting, to check the issue we will need the js console logs of such session.
And what do you see when this happens, I mean what is the result screen?

Thank you. When it happens, we sometime see a screen repaint. All looks normal but we notice the time counter has stopped and the window is entirely non-responsive. No controls work. The only thing we can do is close the application. The leave meeting button does not work.
I’ll try to figure out how to grab the js console logs.