Click to be called


I’m Tom i’m working in the digitalisation of a traditionnal company, when selling our products our customers need support. Before Corona they physically came to us.

Now we want to put a link on our website that brings the customer in a video-call with one of our employees. It’s important that the customer doesn’t need a login and doesn’t need to download the app, it should be like a call in the browser.

Is that possible with jitsi and does anyone have an idea how i can do that?

Thanks in advance


You could do this through Jitsi api. When the customer clicks on a button, open Jitsi in an iframe with random meeting name and notify one of your employee that a customer wants to video chat.

You’ll need to do some coding outside of Jitsi but it’s not that complicated.

One thing to keep in mind with this type of open to all video chat customer service without login is that you don’t know if some freak decides to have fun and does something nasty on the video.