Click the record button, and after 10 seconds, it will prompt that the recording failed

Does it work if you set the authentication method as jitsi-anonymous in prosody?

I tried it, and if the authentication method is changed to jitsi-anonymous, it will work, and the recorded user is Fellow jitster. This is not what I want, I need to do jwt authorization.

This means that jibri cannot authenticate itself if the token authentication is enabled. Normally jibri logs in using its own virtualhost. Probably the current credential is not valid for its virtualhost or something (such as domain verification) prevents it to login

How to solve it, or is there any relevant document

  1. Try disabling enable_domain_verification

  2. unregister and register again Jibri related prosody accounts

After modifying the configuration, the recording works fine. But at the same time, a bug was found. After clicking to close the recording, the status of the button did not change, as shown in the figure below

Hello, there is a bug in the record button. When the recording button is clicked, the status displayed is “Pause Recording”, and after clicking the Pause Recording button, the status of the button is still “Pause Recording”, and the correct display should be “Start Recording”

Is there any error in the browser console?

before recording

Click the start recording button

Click the end recording button