Click Button to open another page

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a button on the front welcome page that when clicked, will open another page called ‘About’.

Has anyone successfully done this, if so, how did you do it? Do you have example code?

Normally, when you add something after the ‘/’ it opens a new room for jitsi. I want a page called ‘About’ to open when i click my new button on the front welcome page.

Right now, when I click it, these errors come up and I don’t know how to proceed.
There are more very similar to these that pop up.

I’m still very new to react and I’m not sure what i need to change to get it to work as i had it working in create-react-app.


@damencho is this possible?

I decided to try in the application and i have it opening the page.
However, I cannot use POST.
My second issue is I don’t know what Component to run first when opening a room.
@Damencho What component do i give the route to run the room?
<Route component = { Conference } path = ‘/*’ />

Anyone out there know what component to run first when opening a room?

This is my Code I’m working with:
Opening Conference Component doesn’t work. What other component needs to run before this to open a room?

I modified the index.web.js file.
Should I have done that?


Is there any form of React Router in the latest Jitsi Stable version from that I can add on to?

If not, are there plans to ever use react router?
I want to add webpage components to the project but i’m not sure how to do it without the react router.


I figured it out!

Make the following changes to open up another webpage component.
Index.web.js - found in react/features

Create a routes component that routes each different page or * for all others to open room.

Create Routes for the components

@damencho and @gpatel-fr maybe implement this in Base Jitsi so it can be expanded on?