CLI Client

Ok so I have a pretty unique use-case:

For Film Production, where clients or even directors cant be on set.

Hardware Encoder with LTE bonding on the camera, basically sending a RTMP stream from their bonding-relay server to my Server.

My Server is running RTMP MiniServer or OBS which can convert the RTMP stream to NDI, then I use NDI Virtual Input as a webcam and join the Jitsi call.

Same server is also my jitsi server.

Currently i have to have. GUI running on the server and join the call manually via VNC, having a CLI client I could automate the whole process.

Ideally of course jitsi would just support RTMP ingesting , imagine in a call you could have a button ‘ingest RTMP’ and then the RTMP feed gets shown as just another jitsi user or similar to how the youtube sharing pops up, that would be SO GOLD not only for my weird usecase.

if you have any idea how to make this better please let me know.

Hello @Finn_Jager

You may want to see Jitas

video: Sharing desktop on Jitsi using Jitas