Clear/remove JWT token in Mobile App

“iss”: “sampleapp”,
“aud”: “sampleapp”,
“sub”: “”,
“room”: “uniqueroom01”

I want to invalidate the JWT token in my jitsi mobile application but here’s my case,

When I create the room with JWT token in mobile app in particular room like uniqueroom01, the room created successfully then after using it. i decided to test to create another room like uniqueroom02, but I’m still able to create it even (i thought) im supposed not to.

Any suggestion on how to invalidate JWT token?

I did some research about invalidating token but the only way to clear it out is to remove it from client, and I have no idea on how to clear it in Jitsi Mobile app (react), I’ve tried to check it in redux but nothing to find. Any hint on the main storage of JWT token here in jitsi mobile?

Thanks in advance.


Did you ever manage to resolve this issue?

Has anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this, or any comments on it?