Clear accounts jitsi client

i have properties file having account when i overwrite it , it overwrites existing account but those which are not overwritten remains in jitsi, how can i clear jitsi account which are not in properties file

Are you editing the file while Jitsi is running?

@damencho no . the problem is , suppose if i want to overwrite/write account1 but what happens to account2 which already exist in jitsi client , i just write account1 configurations in properties file.

There is no such thing as account that is not in the properties flie. If your Jitsi instance is using the properties file(in the newer versions the default is sqlite database) this is where it reads the accounts.
If you stop Jitsi, re-write the props file deleting the old account and adding new one, when you start Jitsi again it will read the new account and there is no old …

@damencho right , exactly but im unable to figure out how to delete accounts using properies file when i want to remove accounts?

What do you meant?
Just delete those lines that are for the account from the file and that’s it … There is just one UI property I remember which needs deleting, but its value is the accountID from the deleted account.

@damencho thanks for your time , i really appreciate it.
here, i have created two account in properties file , i just want to remove second account from jitsi while jitsi gets this file , i have tried by replacing it with new account it works but , i want to remove it , it does not work.
i’ve tried by removing its attributes but it’s not working.‘en’

What does that mean? How are you removing it? Are you using provisioning? Or you have your own script editing the file or something? Are you sure jitsi is not running when doing editing of the file?

If you are deleting it from the file there are few more lines that needs to be deleted, should look something like this:

@damencho yes im using PHP script for generating properties file and when i updated it then i close and reopen jitsi to get new updated file from server and it works fine.

but i did not found above attributes here

Do i need to specify empty account in properties file to remove it from jitsi or something like that ?

So you are using provisioning, you should had started with that … all the time I was thinking you are editing the file.

In the documentation there is this:

// remove all properties recursively for this property name
echo "\${null}\n";

So if you want to remove acc1,
you can set all properties to: ACCOUNT_UID=${null}

But there is this about ALLOW_PREFIX and ENFORCE_PREFIX which will enforce creating the accounts every time …

So if you want to delete acc1 just add in your php:

echo "\${null}\n";`
echo "\${null}\n";`

@damencho thanks a lot ,
but it means if i want only one account then i need to add other 99 accounts properties with null value ? because jitsi supports 100 accounts.

Well, why you need to do that, you are always in control of the file, if you had created 2 and you want to remove and add new one, just remove the two.
You can disable account creation in the UI with a property and you will now that only your provisioning script is controlling the accounts … think of some numbering scheme or anything that works for your case. I suppose adding the delete of 100 accounts will also work…

@damencho i think its still getting confusing
let me tell you exact steps

this is my portal for creating file from where i return property file while jitsi requests
you can see it has 2 accounts and below file‘en’

it add successfully jitsi as you can see below

now if i want to remove second account i remove it from portal and from file as well but when file again get by jitsi it does not replace alredy existed account attributes which i want to erase, everything should be done from portal only not from jitsi app. as you said.

Did jitsi received “${null}”?

@damencho done , yes it worked, thank you very much , really appreciate your help.