Clarification about Jitsi stable releases


I would like to get mot information about Jitsi releases schedule.

From my own understanding, it seems that the current version deployed on is the release 4524 even if I am not certain given the ambigous request

My original understanding was that everytime would be updated, a new stable release would be tagged on github. This is currently not the case since the latest release tagged as stable is stable/jitsi-meet_5142

Is someone able to explain me more in details, what is the release cycle, when are ‘stable’ marked as this, and also the differences between tags with a simple number, such as and tags prefixed with jitsi-meet such as jitsi-meet_5252 ?

Thanks a lot.

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We release a new stable when we(the core jitsi team) decide to do so, and sometimes we are not very good at it. Right now, I think there are few fixes that are not out on, and once those are there running for a few days and we can promote it to stable.

About the tags, there is a place of confusion there and it is due to historical reasons. We will be eliminating some of the tags if not all at some point next year. We already did it for jvb, jibri and jigasi, but we still haven’t done that for jicofo and jitsi-meet-web.

There are two debian packages one called jitsi-meet ( which is a meta package using pinned versions for jitsi-meet-web(, jicofo and jvb and one called jitsi-meet-web packing the web client jitsi-meet.
The short tags like 4524 are the jitsi-meet-web version and when one of the 3 packages has a new version, then a new meta package is built and where appropriate a jitsi-meet_5252 tag is created which is the meta version. This tag marks that this combination of source code has been tested together. You can even check with which snapshot of the tests it was tested with

Thanks a lot for the complete answer and your honesty !